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Discover The Beauty Of Australia And New Zealand


Australia and New Zealand offer endless possibilities for wonder and adventure. We can help you plan a trip that fits you, whether you’re looking for a cruise around New Zealand, or a wine tour through the heart of Australia, we can make it happen. We also have special departure trips that are led by our very own Mike King, who is an Aussie Specialist and has travelled to Australia over 14 times.


Travel Resources


Check out our Australia page for more information on the territories, maps, and where to go! 

New Zealand

    Check out our New Zealand page for more information on the islands, maps and the best places to visit!

New Zealand Adventures - Discover one of the world's most beautiful destinations. Start your own New Zealand adventure in the rejuvenated city of Christchurch, then travel throughout New Zealand to witness stunning scenery from the mountains to the coast. Our exclusive vacation packages on Fiji Airways also include an optional FREE stopover in Fiji, enabling you to discover two amazing destinations for the price of one!

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