Kimberly Bingham

Fredericksburg, VA

Leisure and Gluten Free Travel Advisor

My teenage son has Celiac's Disease, which means that he cannot consume foods with gluten. Beyond sticking to a strict gluten-free diet, he also has to be concerned with where the food has been stored and how that food has been prepared. It's stressful and exhausting at times. Food restrictions and dietary needs can be socially isolating, and can prevent people from feeling like they can truly experience the world around them.

However, I refuse to let his dietary requirements stop him from traveling. Recently, my family and I took a trip through South Korea and Japan, and I made sure that he could safely enjoy the cuisine of these regions.

Combining my passion for travel with my commitment to serving those with additional needs, I have decided to specialize as a dietary needs travel agent. My services include:

  • Providing you with information about some of the most interesting and exciting destinations abroad. I am an avid traveler who has personally traveled to Thailand, Hungary, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, Austria, Italy and Spain, among many other countries.
  • Creating a customized itinerary that takes into account your specific dietary needs, food allergies or food restrictions. I will make sure that you can enjoy both a safe and flavorful vacation.

I frequently recommend cruises to my clients who have special dietary needs. Cruising is an amazing way to experience the world around you, and when you enjoy most of your meals on board the ship, it's easy to make sure that you stay safe. I am certified with many of the major cruise lines.

I want to open the doors for you to experience the world around you and enjoy all of its flavors, regardless of your dietary restrictions. Contact me, and we will begin planning a safe, fun and memorable vacation.

Leisure Travel Consultant

The Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand
The Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand

Exploring the diverse countries of the world, gave me the desire to become a Travel Consultant. I enjoy sharing my passion and knowledge to help others make their travel dreams come true.

I educate myself with hands on experience and certification programs. With this knowledge and the resources and expertise offered by my many contacts in the travel industry, I am confident I can provide you with the best customer service. I want you to be  relaxed and excited for your vacation from day one, and I will always listen to you so that your trip is unique and amazing! I would love to assist you in planning an experience of a lifetime. Contact me today to make it happen!

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